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black musicians artist directory

lil sis is partially made up of, and supports, Black artists. Black artists have held up the music industry in so many ways! are you interested in connecting with other Black artists or hiring them? these directories will connect you to performing artists, producers, instrumentalists, recording engineers and more. this spreadsheet is self generated and you can enter your information right in. it is monitored by the little sister team on a weekly basis.

it was originally created by our pals at NEW FEELING CO OP!

So where are the artists?


*BMAD is currently being renovated! We want to make sure all the data stays secure and follows the privacy laws in Canada. We are set to relaunch in 2021. For any inquiries, please contact us at

edit, february 2022: BMAD is coming - we didnt forget about it! it’s a complex process to web design in a community led way, and we want to do it right.

BMAD is coming!

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