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mental health + self-care


You Feel Like Shit


Pixel Thoughts


The Affirmations Deck


A Queer Trans Mentally Ill Power Fantasy Game


Fireweed Collective Crisis Toolkit


Wellness Together Free 24/7 Counselling Services

sex + love

Autostraddle Sex and Relationships

Learning Good Consent Zine

Scarleteen: Online Sexual Health Resource

Brazen Trans Women Safer Sex Guide

40 Places to Learn Everything You Never Heard in Sex Ed

Campus Survivors: Safe Place for Survivors at Post-Secondary

indigenous resources

Native Land

 TRC’s Calls to Action

Child-Friendly Version of TRC’s Calls To Action

Assembly of First Nations


Reclaiming Power and Place

Native Women’s Association of Canada

Tipler Teaches - Metis Teacher on IG

Decolonize Your Classroom (on IG)

lnclusive Canada (on IG)

deaf + disability community

Network Connector

Accessible Guide for Marketing

Guidelines for Verbal Description

Practice Guidelines for Described Video

How to Describe Works of Art

Accessibility Toolkits for Creative Spaces

Canadian Association of the Deaf

Toronto Sign Language Interpreter Services


community research

 Switzer, S., Flicker, S., Chan Caruosone, S, McClelland, A, Ferguson, .T., Herelle, N., Yee, D.; Kennedy, S., Luhlanga, B., Apong, K., Corrdick A.,, Grant Stuart., C; DiCenso, A, de Prinse, K, Guta, A, Paddock, S, Strike, C. (2017). Picturing Participation: Exploring Engagement in HIV Service Provision, Programming and Care.

Empower. (2012). Performing OUT sex positivity with Drag and Burlesque from Empower Project.

Guta A., Flicker S., Travers R., Gahagan J., Ibanez-Carrasco F., St. John A., Maticka-Tyndale E., Oliver V., Switzer S. (2014) HIV CBR Ethics Brief #9: Engaging Youth. Improving the Accessibility of Research Ethics Boards for HIV Community-Based Research in Canada.

Empower.  (2012). Using Spoken Word in HIV Prevention Workshops: Poetry as Expression from Empower Project.

mental heath + self care
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sex + love
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indigenous resources
deaf + disability community
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